Hello guys!
          	I just wanted to tell you guys that I started a second book with recommendations, so if you’re interested in more recommendations, save it in your library or something because I will upload daily new recommendations <3
          	Have a nice day/night 


          There is a request actually.
          I'm trying to search for a book which apparently is invisible.
          That book is the one which I read and somehow I removed it from my library by mistake.
          Please can you try to help me with this book. 
          I'll just brief you a summary of that book.
          It's a Jungkook fanfic and the Y/n here is bound into an arranged marriage with him. And he marries her because of some business contract between him and y/n's brother (jin) and park jimin is y/n's best friend here. 
          The last two parts of this book's chapter name end with this - "jeju ⛱️ " 
          Please..pleaseee I'm begging you to help me find this book bcoz rn I'm stressed to an extent where only this book can help me. Please help me. 


Hey my army friend sorry for wasting your previous time but I just wanted to have a little announcement that I just started writing a fanfiction of Park Jimin with name "Death Feels better" just few days ago but I will keep updating I promise. I am on the verge of crying that I have no readers 


          This is hush_moonlight, the writer of 'pov: Only You Know His Soft Side'
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this message may be offensive
Do you any of y’all remember this sotry of Jungkook x Esmeralda, (that’s the name the author used) she’s a cartel leader and Jungkook wants to work under her, and he worked for sope, he can only work under Esmeralda if he leaves sope, which he does leave them, but he just lied to her so he could work under her, and one scene they go horse riding and then she tells him not to follow her but he does anyways and she has this secret spot which is an underground lake/ lake in a cave, and basically goes skinny dippy and he watches her secretly, but then that story didn’t save in my wd history so I haven’t been able to find it since 2021!!!(lots of crying emojis) if anyone knows the story PLEASE LMK PLEASEEEEE IT WAS SO GOOD HUT MY DUMBASS DIDNT SAVE JT


@namtidsiesCEO her account is back up but with only certain books. 


@MelissaJ0425 OH MY GOSH R U SERIOOUSSSSS, I follow them(I’m not even sure she still has her acc up) and I checked her book list too!! Dang, and that book was so good:(((


@namtiddiesCEO the author was GucciTaeKook_ but she deleted the book. 


Where can I find mutual help


@cometcometcomet where can I get link I'm new in here so can you plz tell me I can't find it 


@Viakeera ao3 platform. U can see the link in Mimi's account


Where can I read mutual help plz tell me someone 


Hello can anyone help me find the book mutual help/jjk?i look at ao3 cant find it pls


@cometcometcomet ao3 platform means!!!?


@SujalkumarDas it has been removed from Wattpad   . Now it is available in ao3 platform.u can see the link in Mimi's account


Hey does anyone remember a taehyung ff where he sells interesting games in and old antique shop and one day yn went there to get a game because it was get birthday.. taehyung was shown as a mysterious person and also the game he gave to yn was a adventurous horror type thing... at that time yn's boyfriend was jimin.. on yn's birthday night they are playing that game yn bought and all of them suddenly get stuck inside the game and have to play it in real life and in that reality taehyung will also appear and he will try to take yn with him because he love her but yn resist cuz yn already have a bf who is jimin.. but eventually she will end up with taehyung..
          If anyone of you know the name please tell 
          Atleast give me a hint 
          I have been searching for ages 


Can anyone help find a jk story. Basic jk starts dating yoongi’s sister and he’s not happy about it but, end up approving it in the end. So they start dating and he help raise her brother with her and then end up having a getting married and having a family together. I think the title was my brothers best friend but can’t seem to find out. I’m not sure if that want it’s actually called. Can please someone help. 


@MelissaJ0425 forbidden desire by jikookie17