100% Virgin guys!
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☆Players and Bad Boys are NOT the same.

● Players are manwhores (assholes) who sleep with multiple girls @_@

○ Bad boys are notorious trouble-makers who always get into fightings, bending the rules, involve in troubles or crimes. Not necessarily sleep with girls, unless stated in the books. If not, they are fine!

It's Wattpad so not many male protagonists are virgin but 97% of main girls here are virgins! I find that so unfair!

I'm a virgin too as I only believe in true love (tho my lazy ass is single as fvck T-T).

I believe in giving your pure heart and soul to someone you truly love and not just giving it up to random people simply for short-term pleasures. (a.k.a. players and manwhores)
God bless everyone and enjoy reading!! :))))))
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