Hello, I apologize for writing here without the author’s permission, but there is a novel that I have been searching for for a while. It is a translated novel. I was searching for the original version and was unable to find it. Its story is Rafael Ferrara, Kim Taehyung’s boss, asking him to go with him to Italy to attend the wedding of one of his relatives. It was a flight. He is being attacked and attempted to assassinate, so he asked Taehyung to take on the role of his lover, Nate. Ferrara has a half-brother, Jungkook Costialo. Jungkook was born as a result of his mother being raped by her husband’s enemies. His mother committed suicide while his stepfather raised him for him. 
          I will tell you a scene that you may know the story from. On the day of the wedding, Taehyung was late in waking up and Ferrara went and left him. When he woke up, he put on his clothes in a hurry, and when he left, he found that Jungkook was also late in going because one of his car’s tires had been punctured and he had to repair it. The important thing is that they were on their way to a place. The wedding was surrounded by cars, and there was a clash and gunfire, and then they lost consciousness. When Taehyung woke up, he found that they were in a basement. There, Jungkook was taken to be tortured many times, and the feelings of love between them had grown while they were there in the basement.
          I hope someone can identify her, as she was a family evader from the Italian mafia 


You are gonna hate me for this, but the cover page of 'The older man' is such a turnoff 


@MistressInBlackDress  - I disagree - just because it doesn't turn you on - doesn't mean anything.


@MistressInBlackDress I agree tbh- but the book is amazing