(STATUS: WRITING) Licensed mental health professional by day, writer/pianist/artist by night. Whenever possible, I like to tell dark stories by combining each of those art forms together!

None of my writing is available yet because I'm still in the middle of writing it. I'd like to finish many MANY chapters in advance before I start posting them here, so I can post them regularly on a schedule. (I'm way too slow to be posting each chapter just as I finish them.) I'm also composing some piano songs for it! I'm currently working on a psychological horror story with the following hook:

"How far would you go to avoid getting killed? Would it be worth it? These are the questions Amber faces as the hostage of a stoic serial killer who gives her an ultimatum - help him kill, or get killed herself."

I love to give in-depth constructive criticism. I've always felt that it's good practice for my own writing.
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