"i pray my impure blood is somehow cleansed. i want to be reborn into a peaceful world without demons. and then next time, i can tell you i love you."
-iguro obanai

"don't you ever say that you wish that you had died again! if you do, we're through! i won't be your friend."

"i was at complete loss for what to do. but now it's different. i can tell they're matching me by the skin of their teeth. i used to be afraid of blocks. i hated them. but when that guy's in front of me, i feel excitement."
-shoyo hinata

"no matter how challenging the volley, there's only one reason why we chase the ball...there's only one reason we continue fighting. because we haven't lost yet!"
-tobio kageyama

"alright! there's nothing to be scared of! you guys just keep looking straight ahead. i'll guard your backs with my life if i have to!"
-nishinoya yuu

"talent is something you make bloom, instinct is something you polish."
-tooru oikawa

"i'm not good with people, and i don't want to interact with them. and yet I'm very concerned about what others think about me."
-kozume kenma

"hi. i'm the normal guy. the time lag attack may have fooled our wild beast over there, but it doesn't work on me. pleasure to meet you."
-kei tsukishima

"that's not it! i want to become friends with Gon - i'm sick of killing people."
-killua zoldyck

"electricity doesn't hurt me. it was a part of my training against torture. when i say it doesn't hurt me, that means i can bear it."
-killua zoldyck

"throughout heaven and earth, I alone am the honored one."
-satoru gojo

"what makes us obligated to meet such perfection or such absurd standards?"
-nobara kugisaki

"if you put on some kind of act, that role will become your armor. if you expose your true self, you'll just get hurt. and that applies to more than just reality shows. it's an important concept when it comes to socializing."
-aquamarine hoshino
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