"Welcome ladies and gents to the Circus Spirit. I'm Kuro and I'm the Ringmaster here. I run this place with my family:
Ash, my husband, Hoshi, Kai, and Stormy, our three kids. And my childhood friend, Damian."

"I am a very classy man. I'm not afraid to show my husband affection out in public even if it does embarrass him. I do have a secret that the family knows, but it's best not to get me pissed." Kuro winked.

Ash glares at Kuro but stepped up to the stage. "I'm Ash. Kuro's husband. My husband is such a good old fashioned lover boy but I still love him anyway. I can be sweet and kind but don't get me mad. Just a warning."

Hoshi shook his head as he stepped up to the stage. "I'm Hoshi. The first born out of my siblings. I can be really calm but very protective of my siblings. I'm more like my father. You'll see me mostly with Damian."

Kai stepped up to the stage after Hoshi. "I'm the middle child, Kai. I'm more like my mother."

Stormy giggled and stepped up. "Hi! The name's Stormy! I mostly have a cheery and happy attitude but you really don't want to see me mad." She replied with a giggle.

Damian chuckled and tipped the top hat he wore to the audience, wrapping his arms around Hoshi's waist. "I'm Damian. I'm that idiot's childhood friend." He started, motioning to Kuro. Damain soon looked back at the audience. "And I'm this idiot's boyfriend but overall. I'm happy I met this family.

Kuro chuckled. "And that's a wrap. Now, enjoy the show for tonight, ladies and gents!" He bowed and walked backstage. Soon everybody else followed suit to prepare for the show.
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