Leonard P.
A 20-something male enthusiast, trying to fit in this world.
Reading is not JUST a hobby, it is my antidepressant.
Your (not so) friendly pal.
A crazy Marvel, and Captain America fan.
Hamilton is simply The Best.
Potterhead for life.
Camila Cabello is the most beautiful woman in this world. (Alongside, Shakira)
Directioner for a while now. Thanks to @messageinbottle
Harry Styles is simply the most charming man in this entire world.
Larry is not real (obviously. If you know, you know)
I am new to the whole fandom thing, bear with me.
Anyways, signing up,
~LP. (You see what I did there?)
  • searching for more Larry clues
  • JoinedOctober 14, 2020