⭑.⚬.⭑   ❝Ƞoⱳ faіʈɦ is ʈɦɘ coƞfidɘƞcɘ of ʈɦinɠs ɦoƥɘɖ foɼ, ʈɦɘ ɘviɖɘƞcɘ of ʈɦinɠs ƞoʈ sɘɘƞ.❞ Hɘɓɼɘⱳs ⓫:❶   ⭑.⚬.⭑

⭒.➶.⭒ Hiya! Name's Living_Faith, but you can call me Abby! ⭒.➴.⭒

⭒.➶.⭒ I'm a Jesus loving, puppy hugging, homeschooled, introverted extrovert who loves to chat with people! :D (especially friendly people :P) ⭒.➴.⭒

Anddd in case you don't know what an introverted extrovert is----
⭑.⥸ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WJ01G4_WQVE ⥶.⭑
(I'm very particular about my personality :PP)

⭑.⚬.⭑ ❝ℒ♡VƐ is sharing your ᵽ ø ᵽ ȼ ø ꞧ ᵰ.❞ ~Charles Schultz ⭑.⚬.⭑

⭒.➶.⭒ meet some of my besties :D ⭒.➴.⭒
⭑.⥸ @TheBlaisse ⥶.⭑
⭑.⥸ @Henneth-Annun ⥶.⭑
⭑.⥸ @JenniferTheWriter777 ⥶.⭑
⭑.⥸ @Geekgirl531 ⥶.⭑
⭑.⥸ @-Sweet_Peaches- ⥶.⭑

⭑.⚬.⭑ ❝I did not trip and fall; I attacked the floor and I believe I'm winning.❞ ~Some smart person ⭑.⚬.⭑

⭒.➶.⭒ Thanks for checking out my profile! <333 Private Messages are always open :DD (ask me anything, I don't bite... well... not too hard anyway, hehe 😁😁) ⭒.➴.⭒

⭑.⥸ (lovely bio made by @TheBlaisse, thank you so muchhhh!!! <33) ⥶.⭑
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