Hey guys! Please check out Past Lives. I would love some feedback on my book. Thank you so much!


hi ally <3!
          first, i hope you’re safe inside during this quarantine period. i know what you're thinking, another common self- promoting add, and trust me i hate it too but i don’t know a better way to highlight my story. i wanted to ask you to check out my newly started modest book entitled I Want To Feel Alive, i think it's totally not cliché (you'll find out why if you decide to read the story) and it discusses a lot of taboo and contemporary topics within. if you ever decide to check it out and leave your opinion which matters, it'll be highly appreciated and i'll be forever thankful for that. 
          I promise you won’t be disappointed if you like books with “advanced vocabulary”, detailed description and that kind of a philosophical narrating.
          I don’t want votes as much as I want genuine opinions.
          here’s the link <3

          stay safe <3
          i can’t believe i wrote all of this as a self-promo oh god


From what i read on your bio, we are total opposites!! u like taking pics, i don't... u have friends, i don't... u are very talkative, im not... i guess reading is the only thing we have in common but u seem like A GREAT PERSON!
          Oh god, this looks so creepy but whatever.


@LetsPillowTalk  Yay that means we have two things in common! We both like reading....and most of the time I come off as kinda creepy!


Thanks so much for the follow!  I read your bio...I’m the same age as you!  I feel like we have a lot in common.  I think I found a new Wattpad friend 


@LindsayLovesReading I just read you bio...okay that sounded less creepy in my head! We seen to have a lot in common and you sound pretty nice! I think I too have found a new Wattpad friend!


@LindsayLovesReading oh thats great! I would love to be your new Wattpad friend!