your eyes do not deceive you
          	she finally updated tragic magic 2
          	will wonders never cease


@MaddyRawr10 Wherever you are I hope you are okay and doing well!
          	  I believe there is a reason behind why you are MIA from here...
          	  Just know that we readers love you and your books <3
          	  Idk if you are gonna ever read this message or not....
          	  STAY SAFE AND HAPPY!


@MaddyRawr10 Awesome! Definitely have to reread Tragic Magic, as it's been a while. How have you been?


@MaddyRawr10 my prayers have been answered


Hello to anyone who reads this:) 
          I recently wrote a book in the same oneshot apocalypse style as “bite me” is in. Of course, it’s no where near as good nor am I as talented as Maddy, but I would love for anyone to review it and give honest opinions!


Hello. I want to translate the "I'm gay, that straight" book into Turkish and I want to publish it by writing your account in every chapter and saying that the book belongs to you, and I want permission from the year for this.Thank you if you read :)


So I’ve found her instagram and I really wanna dm her to ask for an update to tragic magic 2


Literally same I feel awkward just messaging her out of the blue 


I know I found her too on facebook and instagram. But I feel awkward bothering her about it after so long. But I really really want closure to Tragic Magic 2 too 


@lavaice27 hehe. I’m desperate for it so long, can we just all ask her 


I’m in love with all of your stories. Coner and Tyler for the win though. I love the series so much and it has me laughing out loud while reading it at times. Sending screenshots of the story to friends. I love their dynamic and your writing style is amazing. 


Hello Maddy! I’ve been reading your short stories and I absolutely love “thunderstorm” and I know you have a bunch of ongoing books and am sure you’re super busy but I would KILL for another part of that book! I’m really sorry to bother if you’re not still on wattpad very much but I just love your short stories so much I appreciate all the work you put into them and would love another part of that story bc the characters have grown so close to the heart ❤️