Remember this spring, when I was going completely crazy over a book! Guess what? It's getting traditionally published!!!! In case you haven't read it yet, you should grab a copy of Russian Gambit when it's published, it's hands down the best book I've read on Wattpad!


Can someone help me find this book:
          It’s a highschool mafia romance 
          It’s kind of a good girl x badboy book
          It has at least 20+ chapters 
          The girls family is in the Spanish mafia.
          I think her name is Marcella, she has several older brothers, and was homeschooled most of her life until her parents decided that they wanted to enroll her into public school with her older twin brothers. This is where she meets the guy.
          The guy’s family is in the Russian mafia.
          I don’t remember his name, but I know his nickname around school is like “lev” which means lion in Russian. Because if his name the girl likes to call him “her lion”.
          His mother is (I think) dead, and he doesn’t have the best relationship with his father.
          At school they meet during lunch, when her brothers decide to sit with his group bc they are a part of their friend group.
          After that they continue to secretly meet in the library and soon start secretly dating.
          I can provide more info if you’d like but please help me find this book