Proudly gay and in a relationship

If you're racist, go away.
If you're sexist, go away.
If you're homophobic, go away.
If you're transphobic, go away.
If you're biphobic, go away.
If you're islamophobic, go away.
If you don't stand up for people, go away.
If you're a bully, go away.
If you judge people based on their race, sex, gender, sexual orientation, wealth, religion, mental state or physical state, go away.
You aren't welcome!

No one should be killed for the colour of their skin.
All genders should be treated equally.
Sex and gender are not the same thing.
Who I love is not your problem or your choice.
Someone else's religion is simply none of your business.

I don't care if you think using a slur is funny. It isn't

Use your privilege - wherever you are in society - to help people that are struggling because it's not just up to the oppressed minorities to fight for equality and respect.
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MakeNoAssumptions MakeNoAssumptions Oct 16, 2021 09:01PM
I don’t like calling myself lesbian and it’s my bio and I can’t change it because I’m on my phone and it’s really stressing me out.
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