Hello there everyone I am Draconix a kid that likes to imagine and write to express in books and hopefully become throughly known through out the world. The first books I am going to be starting with are fanfics then I will originally start writing original books, hopefully in the future I will make an YouTube account and post vids and make an Devinart account to draw cause I also like art and want to get great at too but right now I am thinking of starting here. Also I am a kid that does not like swearing as I do not swear to much well only if I am screaming half to deaf on a roller coaster (don't ask) so I might not write too much swear words but I don't speak swear words except if I loose my temper. 
Things about me.
Family: Hindu/Sikh family
Gender: He/him
Likes: mythology and the supernatural
Dislikes: To be quite honest I don't really like anything without anything ordinary.
Book genre that I would write are mostly consisted of are the supernatural and unknown mysterious of the world. I will not write a book where the young girl goes to high school and meets a boy and falls in love so no and I will write fanfics too with different styles like that y/n and other stuff. I am also going to write on various myth's so if I am going to write myth book on something that anyone of you practice or does any type of tradition thing and are very sensitive then please don't read.
Also some of ya might be get confused or suspicious on how I have an huge reading list well you see I have read many of these stories in google, and yes yo can read stories on google but not comment like that in the app. but some of these stories I have added are stories I am still reading so yeah just wanted to clarify that.
And I wanted to say was that NO you can not sell or copy/plagiaries or distribute my book without me saying so and can not take it whether the cover or anything I created and distributed.
(fyi, hope to add more to here)

But anyway have an great day
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