Reminder to senior high school students taking 21st Century Phil Lit that I've put the full My Imaginary Ex book free on Wattpad.
          	I still really think the DepEd module activities are lazy and not properly thought out though. 
          	But anyway the book's here!
          	Rather than asking students to "write an alternate ending" or "predict the ending" based on the 1 chapter excerpt they included in the module (no DepEd school has purchased the full book from me as reference!), here are some alternate topics for an exercise:
          	How do we feel about reading this woman's POV?
          	There's a significant edit in the new edition (see author's note). How do we feel about this both as a practice and in substance?
          	Do we relate to another character more than the main character? If yes let's discuss why.
          	Read on and have fun! 


Permission to plug my short story. ✨
          Hi everyone! If you are looking for a short story to read, please visit my profile. I have uploaded my first ever writing here in wattpad. 
          Hoping for you kind feedback and support. Please give "10 years older than her" and me a chance. 
          Thank you very much! You may also follow me for updates. 


Forgive me for posting my story, Author! ✌
          Hello everyone! Baka gusto niyo lang i-try basahin ang mundo kong imahinasyong binuo hehe.. Still continuing parin siya pero gagawin ko ang best ko hanggang sa last chapter nito. Sana ay suportahan niyo ako at tangkilikin ang aking kwento. Thank you! ☺❤