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* You enter an abandoned garden filled with navy-tinted greenery and clusters of native flowers. The air is wet and humid. The plants are overgrown. Long weeds sprouted from in-between the unrecognizable stone pathway. It was like the yard hadn't been taken care of for years, but it seemed the vegetation thrived with what they were given nonetheless. Gentle breezes brush your skin as you continue through the leaves.

* You stop wandering when you come across a Moon Gate with rich green vines clinging to its sides. The archway itself is made of dark stone, jagged and imperfect; creases and lines mark it with age, and ancient-looking symbols are carved near its edges for good luck. The gate looks almost ethereal the longer you observe it. Mystical, even.

* The question stands. Will you pass through the gate to face whatever was on the other side? Will you put your hands together and offer it your most sincere wishes? Or will you simply gain its knowledge, and walk away?

* Are you brave enough to face what you truly desire?

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Greetings! Call me Minty or Mintou, Min works too. (Aurora, if you're an OG :D.)

• Prnns: She/They/Any neos, Cis.
• Fandoms: ROTTMNT, *DSMP/MCYT, *Danganronpa, etc. (* = don't keep up with much anymore)
• I am 50% Art, 50% Writing, and 100% Procrastination
• Minor ⛏
• ISFP-T, so/sp-9w1
• Anxious-avoidant attachment style :thumbs up and cries: (working on it)
• aro-ace, poggers :]

Favorite Person, my sunshine & partner (/p): @Hssjbshs1234 <33

( psst, I'm not very scary once you get to know me, lol
Drop a message, I'll probably respond! :] )

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... Maybe one day I'll learn how to write shorter about-me's. One day.

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[ pfp art by @/defective-aribot on Tumblr and Twitter! Check them out !! ]

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