During this very bizarre time, I hope everyone is remaining safe!
          	I'm currently working from home and it's given me a lot of spare time to reflect over my current stories and plan out how to tie up those ends. It can be quite therapeutic having this much time at home but I can also one hundred percent understand how this can effect peoples mental health. 
          	If anyone wants to chat, whether it be listening on new unknown ears, I'm here! 
          	It tough out here.


I am so happy to see you back! Stay safe always! 


@Misguided yeah you are an amazing writer. Waiting for continuation of dark attraction. babe u're awesome. Stay safe.


I’m so excited, Planning on re reading your series as I strangely had a dream about them! Hopefully by the time I’m finished I can enjoy some new chapters of dark attraction. You’re an amazing writer 


Patiently waiting for the day the fallen angel sequel is finished. Even if i have to wait another 6 years lmao


Fr though it's one of my favorite book series ever. Every time I open the app, I check for an update.


@LilyRavin i swear to god I still check of there's any updates every year


Hi! Ive been a fan since the beginning of mark of a fallen angel. Its been years since then. To be honest I already left wattpad for almost 5 yrs now. Forgot my old log in and decide to just let it be. But one day I was looking for a good stories to read and then suddenly miss Gabriel and Alexis. Try to create a new account in hoping to see if u already update but theres still none. I just want to say that I may not know what youve been through but I hope your doing well. You may still be needing more time and I just want you to know that Ill still wait for the closure on their love story until I die. I hope your doing well. Old user: myungsool


Please, please finish The Mark of Love and War I have come back to it every once in a while for the past 6 years, hoping and praying that there will be an update. Please, girl, you're killing me I am 26 years old and started reading the mark of a fallen angel when I was 15.