A little quick update on book two for Seven Uncaged, some good news to share since I hate leaving you guys hanging. We are almost finished! 
          	Almost being the key word though. I can't give a specific date for when the book will go up but I can say we're working hard.
          	Hope all if well, and as always, take care of yourselves. Drink your water!


@TABEE0303 I went ahead and posted the first chapter to the second book last night actually 


@Missing_Min_MeowMeow alright. I can't wait, it is a really cool story!


@TABEE0303 it's still going. We're actually writing/editing the last two chapters now between the two of us so hopefully sometime in July I can start posting


Okay first off I just wanna say, I love your books. You're an Amazing Author and I thank you for making such amazing books from the very bottom of my heart. I don't care on how long it takes for you to Update, you have your own life, take all the time that you want. 
          You can take these words as a Suggestion, it's your book and you can do whatever you want and I fully respect it. 
          But PLEASE. 
          I beg of you. 
          Make that F*cking Sl*t suffer, don't even kill her off just turn her life Hell. I think you know who I'm talking about. I never in my life Sl*t shamed and if I did call someone that name I say it with Love and a Playful manner. 
          But lovely Author, I beg of you to break that Wh*re into tiny pieces, that her Therapist will be the one crying after the session. 
          Thank you and Have a nice day :)