So...  Zero To WTF
          	I'm thinking of finishing the second movie and then halfway through the next one then throwing everyone out of the theater.
          	Total AU 


This weekend I want to concentrate on finishing Pivot.  Only a few more chapters left since the story was following Damon(TVD) and not The Originals.  That's where Davina came in.  
          I may change the love interest.  The more I think about it, the more I don't see Damon and Rebekah working.  She's still in love with Marcel.  Who should Damon be with?


I just wanted to say I love your stories and wanted to thank you for writing them. I don't mean to rush you or anything I just wanted to know when you plan to update the teen wolf and sons of anarchy book I really wanna see stiles meet tig . Like I said I don't mean to rush you just curious I hope all is well.


@HannahFinney5 thank you for reading my stories.  I have been working a little on each story.  I'm hoping to have the next chapter out by tomorrow night.  They don't meet just yet, but will be soon.  I have their meeting already written but need to finish the chapter leading up to it.  Lol


Sirius question:  Is paying for Wattpad premium worth it?
          I'm on here a lot and I am so sick of ads, so I want to know if paying for premium worth it?


@Ninjettey it's tedious but I completely close the app every single time I get any ad regardless if I can skip it instantly or not, dunno if they(Wattpad) get paid just for having it period or we gotta watch/skip the ad for them to get $$ regardless I refuse to get premium just bc of how they updated n ruined the platform 


@Ninjettey just make whatever it is you're reading available offline in the app and turn off wifi. Then you don't get adds. Or read on the web version and scroll past the ads.


@Ninjettey  I would say no it's not worth it because, that money could be used for something else like saving for something you desperately want or groceries for the next two weeks.  Plus that's a sales gimmick, to show so many ads in order for you to sign up for the Premium, then in reality a lot of people regret it whether they want to admit it or not because they don't have the money afterwards to keep paying for it.   
            So my answer would be no don't do it. 


Thank you to those that have continued to read and support my stories.
          I am having trouble writing scenes that will come up.  Romance.  
          Truth be told, I have not been in a serious relationship in almost a decade.  Last hook up was over two years ago.  So, I have no idea what I'm writing about.  I will try my best.  So if the romance generally sucks, I'm sorry.  
          With that being said, I'm trying to finish the next chapter of Zero to WTF today.


@ShelliHaynes9 Soon.  Writing a few stories at the same time.  Lol.  


@Ninjettey when are u going to update The Lost Salvatore?


Next chapter of Nefertiti's Twin will be out either later tonight or tomorrow.  
          Blue Wolf has about 5 or 6 chapters left.
          Zero to WTF next chapter will be out soon.  Definitely deviated from the plot for this chapter.
          I have another plot bunny to add later.  What If? Plot bunnies are future ideas.  So far, Stitch's Hope and Ripper Element have received the most attention.
          Thank you to those that continue to stick with me.


Spending the day writing.  I would like to finish at least one story today.  I do have a question though:
          I want to write a sad ending for one of my stories.  Which one?
          Blue Wolf
          The Lost Salvatore
          Also, the plot bunnies of What If; So far, the one with the most attention is Ripper Element.  It will be a long one-shot when I write it.


@Ninjettey the lost Salvatore 
            Blue wolf deserves a happy ending