If you're reading this. You're beautiful ok!                                  
[The Quran actually says so in Surah At-Teen, in the 4th ayah/verse, if anyone was interested]

I love to read, and write occasionally, I'm a fluctuatingly strict Muslim... Well i try to be anyways lol
Wattpad rlly don't help much with that lol...

I teach English [and Fiqh] to snotty nosed brats
ok jk they can be sweet sometimes lol

(I'm in my late teenz, n i'm female, so if ur a guy, plz avoid starting a long conversation with me - coz i cant chat wid boys - sorryy )

I love to read. Alot.
i also love to text, so dont be afraid to PM me .
I watch ish when I can, eat and sleep, and pray...
I'm also a type 1 diabetic, and a British Bengali,
I own 2 rabbits, and I have chickens and quails in my back garden that's about it...

Oh yh I like Miraculous, LOTR, Harry Potter, Robert Beatty's Serafina Series, And Narnia, to name a few
I've also watched 2 seasons of Ertughrul,

OMG I so very nearly forgot one of my absolute faves; The Adventures of Tintin by Herge. it is seriously the best thing to exist [err i mean...in this materialistic world which shall one day end...]

I've been watching anime since I was 10, like;
- Detective Conan [it was so long it stopped me from exploring other ish, but i still havent finished it tho lol],
- Kaitou Kid, [he's just the best! it was too short}
- Naruto, [never reached shippuden]
- Haikyuu, [not finished first season smh]
- Blue Exorcist, [only 1 season kinda]
- Kekkaishi, [proudly watched it all!]
and yh thats all i can remember from the top of my head lol

My profile picture depicts the Teddy trio from the best childrens show of all time : The Sooty Show, which I recommend to everyone! it is hilarious and cute AF

My Teddy Friends:

And as Sooty himself would say "Izzy Wizzy, let's get busy!"

..I mean with reading...nothing else... Just wat were u thinking eh?
  • BFF POST IS OPEN, T^T ,PM me to fill in the application form, and you may be be granted the job <3
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