writers block 


hey hey hey onigiri’s, just wanted to say somethin’. soooo i’m coming back to do fics, i’m going to finish up the unfinished work & i apologize for leaving ya at cliffhangers, whatever. i will finish them and probably these fics will be my last to do for now. 


hello, announcement, very important, i don’t know if i’m gonna keep posting chapters anymore, no, in fact, i’m probably going to delete my fanfics.
          i really hate reading the comments sometimes and it makes it seem like y/n has a terrible personality, i generally cannot handle these comments. i really don’t know how to put y/n’s personality or whatsoever. 
          i really wish they had an option to disable comments because i would disable my comments, every single day i read your guys comments, it really hurts me sometimes even with the haikyuu characters. i’m really sorry for making my fanfics like that & i tried to do better but it seems like it didnt work so, i’m deleting them :) 


            i respect your decision and i hope which decision you make will make you happier! :')  I would also like to apologize too if I commented something offensive on one of your fanfics,Have a great day! ^^


Hi hi!
           I’m absolutely in love with the Kita fanfic you wrote and the entire plot but I have a question about the hanahaki disease and how you’ve written it.
          Unrequited love is the cause….so does the disease come by because the person THINKS that it’s unrequited or is it because it IS unrequited?
          Sorry for bothering cause I’m actually going to write about the hanahaki disease for a piece of English coursework and I kinda want to know how to approach it 
          I hope to receive your opinion  ,anyone else can respond as well I really just want some opinions,
          Tyvm and have a nice day :D