After THAT SPANISH TUTOR, I might take a break from writing. I'm not sure how long it would take, but it'll probably be months long. I need to prioritize what I need to work on. The list keeps getting longer and longer, and I'm afraid that I can't keep up. 
          	I'll probably work on the TORTURED SERIES and bring them back, but they'll have to be revamped. I'm also thinking if I should just put them in one book (all four stories, divided by parts). But yeah, I'll need to plan it carefully.
          	Don't worry. I'm not going to abandon you all. I've got too much love for Wattpad and you all that it's hard to really stay away. Writing has always been close to my heart, and I doubt I'd stop writing. Maybe in the future, who knows. 
          	--OralKel, Mike


@OralKel  take care of yourself, we will be here waiting for you


@OralKel  take care bro.. take your time we will still be waiting for you.. keep shining...


Hello po, idol. Recommend ko lang po sana ang sarili ko. I have four BL novels na baka magustuhan mo:
          1. Stone-ongoing
          2. Ark and Apple -completed
          3. Kiss the Rain -completed
          4. Sunset Bucket List -completed
          I also have award winning short stories form various official wattpad contests na baka ibigin mo rin:
          1. Ang Prinsipe ng Ngihib
          2. Cornflower
          3. Pakilala
          4. Alpas
          You can always check my profile anytime and flood me with comments if you wish. Salamat po.


Trying to figure out the broken werewolves book list order before I start it


@Lcenteno08 me too. I figured out the main broken werewolves but have no idea if the extended universe books connect yet with characters or what the timeline would be. In the reading list the 4 broken werewolves stories are read bottom to top. I’d assume so are the other ones but I decided to just read those 4 first.