Hi Everyone,  I know it's been YEARS since I've updated and even been on wattpad. I'm sorry for leaving you all hanging. Please message me if you have any concern, requests or anything regarding any of the books. I have received some of your ABWTD chapters you all created, continue to send those in and I will publish TWO. In regards to Girl with the heart full of revenge, I will try my best to figure out what I'm going to do since its been so long. Love you all so much!!!!!!!!!!!


@Pam-The-Lamb plz tell me your insta id if you have any. I wanna promote this story


Hello everyone!! I’m sorry for being inactive but I’ve recently been brainstorming ideas for a new story. The story is going to be about a girl living with her father the king who is a grouchy overprotective monster. However later in the story I plan on having the father have a near death experience living the girl to see the true responsibilities that her father faces on the daily. I am looking for one person to help me write it and add a secondary viewpoint. Please feel free to contact me if u might be interested!! Oh and I believe that u should know there will be a romance triangle in this story but I only plan on explaining more about that once I have a steady partner.