HEY YOU!!!  Yes I'm talking to you person who has just stumbled upon my account, just thought you should know that you are one precious human being❤

- I do curse from time to time if that bothers you

-sorry in advance for my stupid broken humor

- my first language isn't English so sorry for any mistakes

A bit about me:
- you can call me Joe 🍄
- cat person 🐈
- I have blue eyes 👁👁
- give me some glow sticks and I'll be happy for like a week
- favorite animal is the majestic Beluga whale
- still in school 🐠
-is very much afraid of the ocean and hates almost everything that lives in it
- I love history
- I plan on becoming president by the age of 21

My shows/movies/books:
- percy jackson💙 (basically most of riordanverse)
- doctor who (rose is everything)
- lockwood and co (show)
- Shadow and Bone ( only TV show) (also Nina and Matthias is best ship)
- the hunger games
- star wars
- Hadestown (if you haven't listened to this musical than go do it right now)
- mlp
- aot
- fullmetal alchemist brotherhood
- the owl house
- Hamilton
- Inside job
- tokyo ghoul
- the legend of vox machina
- she- ra (I would stab all my loved ones in the back for Adora)
- lord of the rings
- violet evergarden
- avatar (2009) (yes I simp for blue alien people and no I am not proud of it)
- marvel (especially love captian America)
And more

-I know you don't believe this but you are loved and you are important and I can promise you that there will be at least one person who will hurt if you're gone
Please be kind to yourself 💜💗💖💙
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But lucifer is my everything and I will die for him
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