Hi! I'm Pheonix or Qiqi I have many likes and dislikes. 

( my name suggests I'm an ARMY I am not anymore I still support them and listen to their older songs but I'm not apart of the fandom anymore just cba to change it)


>Hazbin Hotel
>Helluva Boss
>Black Clover
>lots of anime
>Male Kpop bands
> drawing
> Wild 'n Out (including some of the guests that were there e.g Desiigner, Kevin Hart etc)

>rude people
>people that chat and don't act
>>anime haters meaning the ones who dont give it a shot just straight hate (I understand people's opinions)

I'm very friendly but I'm a little argumentative when it comes to things I know I'm 100% certain of...but I just want friends too many fake people out there

SapphireWolf13, Kpop_Anime_Pheonix and Pheonix_KpopG are some of my old accounts I have many old accounts
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