A whole year of unproductively flew by simply because I was and still am pretty depressed. But thank you guys for the kind messages all around! I am feeling better genuinely this time, enough to start interacting with you all again! But I am at this point in life where it’s like, I’m 20. I’ve been writing since I was 13 and I’m sorta burned out from all these Anime Yanderes. I still enjoy writing these horror stories focused on dark romance but it just feels sort of cringy to me to write it around anime characters because those get me the most hate and tend to have a young audience space. I do like my traditional yanderes dealing with my ocs but I haven’t gotten back into the swing of things such as updating and actually writing. I don’t want to promise anything and disappoint you guys so expect light updates here and there.
          	And then there’s Tokyo After Dark. My Webtoon that hasn’t been updated in a WHOLE year! Looking at it makes me want to cry! I would love to get the ball rolling on there a bit more but I honestly just don’t have time for it, I work a 9-5, 5 days a week and it leaves me exhausted.  But I love the story I’ve created for it and with want to share it with the world! So I hope to get out another chapter by this year. I know these goals may seem tiny and weak but after not being active for a year and with my mind state these goals seem like a fairy tale to me. I can only hope I’m able to dish out what I can! Thank you for waiting for me <3


so glad you’re still here! i’ve been here ever since you made class pet which holds as a massive memory for me<3 bully bruises always remained as my favorite. i adore ur writing sm. also i rlly hope you have a better year this year, i get how hard it can be but make sure ur taking good care of urself too.


@PinkDDere glad to know ur still alive bae<3


@alivxnt Real plus some of us are finishing our degrees 


Class pet is gone? Of all days I tryna re-read it




@toasterxbathtub__  RIGHT I'M SO DEVASTATED :( was really excited to re-read it


this message may be offensive
Heyy so I just finished reading class pet for the like 34th time and everytime I read it, it just triggers a disturbed feeling within me but also a fascination because its written so well? Like the book is utterly disturbing but in a good way. The comments left by others combined with the book leaves me hollering from laughter every time. It's fun to see how others react to the situations in the story and shit on the antagonists. But In a way I can also see myself in reader? Like I think most people would react the way shr did in that situation cause your mind is constantly in flight and fight aswell as Stockholm syndrome.
          My point being the book is really good and you're a amazing author who can really capture emotions ❤️