Hey people, I finished Day 8 on a cliffhanger and I hope to continue it tomorrow. If you have any ideas or suggestions please let me know, otherwise, stay safe and stay happy❤




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Hi all, this is my old account on my old phone. Feel free to abandon it, I was having a look at some of my work and realised how shit it is. Sorry, I should have let you know sooner, my phone was broken and I couldn't backup any of my stuff.
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Hello! I would just love to recommend my book Hello Mate Goodbye. I would also want to be friends with you, if you want to that is. I would lastly love to recommend reading Storm and Silence series by@RobThier. 
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          A new mission.
          A new place.
          A new victim.
          Desdemona Amara Luciano is a 23 year old demon, also known as the Deadly Assassin, is assigned with a new mission together with six other assassins, who are her friends, in their agency. 
          Well maybe their mission was not new as they first believed. They were assigned to finish their dead Boss's unfinish mission. They were all eager especially Dee, so she could prove them that their deceased boss, Deval, is really alive.
          None saw it coming that the one stopping their mission is none other than a six feet two dog, Donovan Barthomelow Sulivan, who she believed is well a son of a bitch and a 'cheating' mate. 
          Donovan Barthomelow Sulivan is a 25 year old werewolf. He is the Alpha of the strongest pack of their Kingdom of werewolves. Outside he is ruthless, cold, and a prick. The inside well nothing seems different as they say his heart is just cold as his eyes.
          1. Prepare for a roller-coaster of a story.
          2. Rick, Don and the boys introduced are still not on ebay and amazon.
          3. There may or may not be plot twists that could tear you minds, eyes and well maybe hearts.