So I suppose I should make a post on this thing for the first time in a while since I checked for the first time in a long time - I don’t get notifications for when you post comments to my profile, which is why if you have, I haven’t replied - I am very sorry for this and will /try/ to check it more often, but just a heads up, there’s no guarantee i will reply to any messages left on profile
          	Thank you to everyone who has though : D


@QuirkQuartz Love Awkward Energy and The First Generation, just hoping for your eventual return



hey you bugaboo! sorry for coming uninvited, but if you have the time, please check out my adrienette story “we were once friends” here: https://www.wattpad.com/story/320833797?utm_source=ios&utm_medium=link&utm_content=share_writing&wp_page=create_story_details&wp_uname=adrenaline_agreste&wp_originator=ARYFx6IriFW0I0e6unUsKVZMvbgdUE6XUckppD4rJ%2FrhivtbUgqUGWijv7RDWqSo2ZlcY1U81Exy%2B2fzuJuXclzOaATYCflCfkl7oaPxcsBb0%2BwEPLfRSyS3NLhrJJdT it would help a ton and i would also appreciate feedback! delete this if needed, but check it out! 


Hey, I just wanted to say that your MariChat fanfiction was one of the best Miraculous fan fictions I’ve read.  You’re a really good writer and I hope to read more of your work in the future.