I am now one year older


@QwuipLashuwu congratulations


Hey I’m back from the dead! 
          So first off is that I’d just like to say thank you for supporting me and my books, (yes even the trump x bakugo one.) 
          Now, let’s get into the meat of what I really need to say.
          I’m no longer writing Yandere fics for any of the Mid-fight masses characters. Why am I doing this you may ask? Well if you don’t know, I’m pretty sure the artist of the mod left the fandom because people were doxxing them and drawing nsfw of her characters. And since yanderes could be seen as nsfw due to stuff like stalking, obsession, murder, kidnapping and other stuff that I can’t think of rn. Archive them if you want (though I don’t see a reason on why you would want to) because I’m deleting them tomorrow. 
          See you all next year!/j


hey guys I’m not dead
          It’s hard to keep fueling the Yandere fnf book when I have no interest in continuing it anymore 
          If you’ve requested something and as of now it hasn’t been answer I’m sorry. For me it takes kind of a while to get back into stuff like continuing stories. 


@QwuipLashuwu take as long as you need to bro! I totally get falling out of interest in writing about a specific topic, it happens to me as well x3 Just take a break, you deserve it! Hope you have a great day/afternoon/night <3


@QwuipLashuwu it’s okay to take breaks! Just know, we’ll still support you, and wait until you feel better to continue writing the book! :)


@QwuipLashuwu Take as long of a break as you need ^^ remember we are here to support you'll and we'll be waiting patiently :D