Hi everyone. Hope you are all okay .
          	I've had a few messages now from a few different readers about my book being stolen.
          	It's been taken down now (I checked) 
          	But if anyone sees it back up or anyone else copying my work please let me know.
          	Also I am aware that there is 1000s of books with the same lost sister ect storyline but I believe mine is quite different as I try not to follow the stereotype books all the time.
          	 I'm aware my book has probably got a little similarities to all these types of books.
          	But I want to make it clear that nothing I write is copyrighted as it's all my own work so I'm trying not to repeat myself now but please do let me know if you see my book elsewhere.
          	Thank you.
          	And as for updates I'll try get one as soon as I can.


The thing is yours is more unique and outstanding than all the other ones like it. It’s just so much better with the storyline and everything. Thank you so much for writing it.


@R3b3cca09 I'm sorry that happened but I'm glad the other book was taken down. While the missing sister/sibling stories all have similarities I when read your story I don't feel as if I have read this before you have your own, fresh take. :)


Please say Emilia has a happy ending. I am still on the first book, but already am heartbroken for her, and I skipped to the last chapter and am so mad. Give her a happy ending please