it's been a few several weeks, a month really, i don't know if there are people here who still remember me, but yes i am alive, i have so much going on, i just lost motivation to do anything, i took it, this rest for myself, it was much needed, i have discovered so much now, i can't say i am happy, but id love to focus more :) but i promise, sometime i will be back here and trying to write, i love writing, wattpad does that for me, a platform for me to write, i don't want to be petty and ask you to read, it's for my improvement anyhow,, aNyWaY i hope everyone is doing fine and are safe 
          	peace ♡


@RAYBBIONS aww boo i hope you're happy n doing well <333


          	  hey babie ! take your time kk ? you always come first ! i'll always be waiting ♡i love you


YEA WE’RE ALIVE AND THATS SO POG OF US <33 tbh this is the first time i got my hands on wp for this month and i’m so glad i did bc you’re also online T___T
          u too!!! its been a long while since we last talked but my dms are always open for you :’> i give u a kith


HI RAYA!!!! hope you're safe w the way the world’s been going on  sending u lots and lots of warm hugs !
          my grades and my mental health could be better, but i’m managing quite well,, and u dont understand how nice it is to hear from you again AAAAA <33


aya bae, i miss you. i hope yre doing fine, ily.


always take care, bub.


ye, same tho. just going w the flo


i'm good, i guess?


all i want is for you to love who you are.
          to be gentle with your heart when it is hurting &
          be kinder to your mind when you feel it isn‘t  on
          your side. i want for you to embrace your softness.
          to wear your sensitivity with pride. to see your 
          vulnerability as a strength and recognize that your
          kindness holds more power than you ever thought
          possible. i want you to know that other people’s actions are not a mirror to your worth and to keep
          on loving, even when you’re scared to. I want for
          you to be happy. i want for you to believe that you
          deserve it ! >__<# 
          feel free to text me if you need someone to talk!