Since I moved in 2010, I haven't opened a single window. I discovered creepypasta in 2013 and fell in love with it.

Ever since finding creepypasta, I think I've slowly been losing touch with my rational part of my mind and immersing myself in my insanity, I suppose people would call it...

My family doesn't understand why I creepypastas, after all, I can't stand horror movies. One thing creepypasta has shown me is that being scared is all in your mind, and while you get scared no matter what, go through that fear and punch whatever it is in the face.

Unless its Jeff the Killer... god, that smile is creepy as hell. I would totally jump out the window if I woke up and saw him.




Although if I didn't see the smile I'd probably punch him in the face then run like hell...

If you looked at me, I would be completely and utterly sane, just sitting there absorbing knowledge. But then you chat with me... ask me what I dreamed about last night... and people usually are like "O-Okay..." and walk off. That is why I only have few friends...

I hope you like what I write, I have a big imagination but it usually can't focus on anything, although if I call up a random story I can give ideas. If you want to give me an idea, just message me! I'm always open to suggestions!

Rackella out, have a good time my little regular asylum friends~

(Edit: This account will most likely not post any new stories, I still love Creepypasta, however, I no longer have time to post anything.)
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Hey guys, Rackella here! I would like to say a new things: First of all, I'm working on a new story, which I won't be publishing until I'm finished! Second, my computer no longer has Internet, so I c...
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