Just A Random Horny Lonely Guy Who Is Also A Degenerate Looking For Some Harem Story And Male Reader Stories To Fill The Void That Is In My Heart That Has No Life And Nothing Better To Do Then To Insult Other People Hard Work And Preferences.

I like Harem Stories But Not Smut Stories Not All At Least Only When It's From A Series That Has No Male Reader/OC/SI
I'm Horny But l Despise It When Characters Are Sex Friends Or Something Like That.

I'm An Advocate For Straight Male Reader/OC/SI Representation On Wattpad Because Straight Male Readers Are At The Bottom Of The Food Chain When It Comes To Fanfiction. Fanfiction In General Has A Sever Lack Of Those And The The Ones That Are Straight Are Either Have No Romance, Bearly Any,Discontinued,Romance, Are Slow Burn, Super Horny And That's Coming From ME A Random Horny Ass Guy Who Likes Harem.

For Whoever Writes Fanfiction And Followed Me For Some Reason I Have Some Idiotic
And Horny Ideas That Anyone Can Use But Be Warned I'm One Of Those Degenerates That Likes Harems Because I'm A Lonely Random Horny Depressed Guy That's Probably Gonna Die Alone In A Firery Car Crash Alone In The Next 5-10 Years And I Have No Taste In Fanfiction Because I Don't Review And Read Fanfiction It Like It Was Made By Shakespeare Himself.

Likes:Fun Facts,Harems,Dark Humor,MyDepression,BxG,Gendrrbends(Male To Female),
Memes,Suffering Of Other People,Burning Heretics,Not Contributing To
Society,Depression,The Void That I Call My Heart.

Dislikes:Myself,My Will To Live,Heresy,When Author's Creating Book After Book Without Finishing One,When People Try To Put Reality Into Fiction,Superficial Romance Or Love,Slow Burn,People Who Read And Review Fanfiction Like It Was Made By Shakespeare Himself,

Sex:A Random Lonely Horny Guy.

Sexuality:Straight But I Can't Talk To A Woman To Save My Life And Will Probably Die Alone In A Car Crash In The Next 5-10 Years.
Plus Virginity Is Cool.
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Any Male Reader/OC/SI x The boys stories?
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