❤Rak Mak Mak❤

👑Knowledge is Power is Time is Money👑

💫Cinderella never Facebook Stalked her Prince Charming 💫

🌛Its safer hating the villian, than falling for the hero🌜 🌺Perhaps he loves story bcoz he is one🌺

🧜‍♀️They say all good boys go to heaven but bad boys brings heaven to you🧛‍♂️

🐧Maybe people just never find their penguins🐧

😈 Chillin' like a villain 😈

🌹You're my Rose and My Rose is impossible to miss🌹

💔It takes a broken heart to know how to break a heart💔

👌Nobody likes to be told, that they are second BEST👌

✍Whatever our souls are made up of, His and Mine are the Same ✍

🥀Just bcoz he doesn't love u the way u want him to, doesn't mean he doesn't love u with everything he has🥀

☯️As it turns out, soulmates do exist. But they're not always urs to have☯️

🦪She's a rare pearl in ocean of chaos that my life was🌊

🌞The sun dies everyday just so, the moon can live🌛

♠️A tragic Start doesn't always mean A tragic Ending♠️

🧥Be careful with my coat, Mr Linton ! It's only ten years and still in mint condition 🧥

🤏Oh and Hazel ? We had a 54-second conversation 🤏

💘Amore Senza Sofferenza E Molto💘

🍓 "Say this pls" "Fine" "Mate"🍓

🌻🌼You're not Gold bcoz of your hair, Marigold. You're Gold bcoz of your Heart🌼🌻

🤍Silver sins breed Silver scars , But Silver sacrifices make Silver stars🤍

🖼 Each picture holds a memory. Each book holds a story worth telling 📖

♥️The wattpad Queens who has made a great impact in my life♥️
🎖Miss Lillian Linton.
🎖Amber Marigold.
🎖Alpha Selene.
🎖Althea Rosemary.
🎖Rebel Simmons.
🎖Carter Owen.

♥️I have fallen in love with these wattpad hotties♥️
🏅Mr Ambrose.
🏅Xavier Jilten.
🏅Alpha Raizel.
🏅Liam Luciano.
🏅Blake Eaton.
🏅Sam Cahill.
🏅Cole Stone.
🏅Jake Henderson.
🏅Nicolas Vanderwood.
🏅Caleb Lockhart.
🏅Ethan Black.
🏅Luca Valente.
🏅Adrian Vandermir.
🏅Ace Hernandez.
🏅Luca Marino.
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