Just noticed that you had added Tipping the Scale in one of your reading lists, so I stalked your profile (because I'm a nosy author haha). I just had to say, the amount of reading lists you have is impressive! Really wish your next read to be fantastic and thank you for giving my book a chance!
          Cheers, Asmeon


Sorry for dropping in uninvited. 
          Just wanted to drop by and say that i have started my own book. It’s about a high school romance, with a love triangle and a jealous bf
          My first novel, it is still still in progress but definitely worth it. Give it a chance✨
          Also love the reading lists
          THE BOOK

          Sorry for posting without permission, and u can tell me if u don't want it to be here. 
          I'll delete it 
          So... This is my first Novel and i just started it , I'll like some support and it's a story about a killer who was  good heart person but the world push him in the wrong road. 
          It have mystery , a lot of killing and it will make you question yourself. 
          At least check it out once

          First of all sorry Author for posting the message without asking for your permission.
          So dear Author and Readers,
          This is the link to my First story if you are interested in Adult / Mature content then you can give it a try.
          You definitely won’t regret reading it…❤


My apologies for sliding into your Conversations board uninvited. I just wanted to grab your attention to my stories.
          There is an arranged marriage romance "Billion Dollar Wedding", a High School romance "My Enemy, My Stalker", a young adult College Romance "Unravelling Aurora", and some mafia romances "Mafia and Miss Honey", "His Captive".
          Once again, I'm sorry for intruding.  
           Have a nice day ahead!