hey. in her melody and their symphony, you mentioned doing a dream x oc book. was wondering when/if that might be out, and also if the oc is going to be kalina from the other books. (a whole bunch of people in the comments are hoping it will be.)


i hate how i got so attached to your book, her melody. like i love it so much. it has the best plot ever and im not even a fan of oc insert or reader insert BUT YOUR BOOK MAKES ME WANT TO READ MORE (༎ຶ ෴ ༎ຶ) i just realized i finishes "her melody" in like two days lmao


           first of I wanted to tell you that your books are amazing 
          Second is more a question to the community, a while ago I was reading a book but for some reason I stopped and I can’t find it anymore the book is about a girl who is the sister of Wilbur she is a writer and it’s an Technoblade x reader I think 
          If any of you know what book I’m talking about please help me find it :)


i love coming back once a week and reading a few comments, you guys make me laugh every single time. literally always makes my mood better, I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH<333