I like books. <4

Also! I have a lot of stories, and I don't want you to read any of them. It's because they're pretty bad and I won't be adding to them anymore. I write all my recent stories on Microsoft Word and try not to post them; sorry if you're a really kind person and you were going to read them!

Anyways, I appreciate it a lot. Thankies.

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The Fifth Prophecy by RunOrChaseMe
The Fifth Prophecy
Yeah, Not Finishing This Either.
Dreams of Depravity by RunOrChaseMe
Dreams of Depravity
I'm Not Going To Finish This, But If You Want To Read It, Then By All Means, Go For It.
I Solemnly Swear by RunOrChaseMe
I Solemnly Swear
Brynn Thorne is a pureblood witch who attends Hogwarts. She strives for success, but still questions everythi...
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