New chapter for Chosen Suitor is now up!


Just want to tell you that your book chosen suitor is amazing. Starting is a little rough on both characters but as the story progresses is getting better and better. 
          I hope that you continue writing this book. I would love to follow the characters until the ending. ❤️❤️


May I say that I love your books so far, but its disappointing to find out that you haven't updated in so long on a few of them. Inhuman definitely needs more chapters for the love it gets. I also get that if you needed a break or have lost interest. If that is the case, please write discontinued or so forth for the books that wont be getting anymore chapters as it would help greatly to know what everyone is getting into. Thanks and love


@OliBeau sometimes authors lose their accounts or have no access back in. So if I guess it's not really their fault and can't change it to "discontinued" :(


omg hey hey so I just wanted to say how amazing your books are and how talented you are. I was also wondering when you're going to update your books, of course take your time as you probably have many other things that are more important, but I was just wondering. lots of love ❤️❤️❤️