Name: um...I'm sure you can guess lol
Age: 19

I'm a safe reader through & through, if you aren't aware of what that means, basically I only (emphasis on ONLY) read books with extremely loyal leads, both virgins most of the time & with little to no relationship drama (like other women drama and/or toxic behaviour etc.)

But I'm more on the extreme side, I will virtually NOT let anything go, even if it's an arguably small thing & not a big deal to most. Like the male lead being flirty with other girls for example, I will leave the book immediately fuming in anger.

but why am I like this, you may ask?

Well, after reading countless of god awful toxic books with the playboy/virgin cliché, or just with the hypocritical, cheating & abusive male lead in general. I developed an especially strong hatred for them, you don't have to agree but please don't blame or fight me about it as I'm not the only one who feels this way.

Safe books are actually considered a genre in of itself, sadly not many authors write them & not many readers read them so it can be very hard to find. But it's a genre regardless.

You can sometimes find reviews on goodreads expressing the safety of a book. and you can sometimes find accounts on wattpad like this one with lists and recommendations of safe books. Many people just want to read a book where they aren't constantly anxious about a crazy ex showing up, or the male lead being a womaniser so his habit of sleeping around is still present even after meeting the fl. We just want a cute/steamy romance to read without our hearts beating in agony every sentence, is that so bad?

Anyway, so to speak, I only add safe books on my lists, some are safer than others, if you have any questions about them. Feel free to ask, unless I'm sleeping, I will always answer quickly ❤
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