Super ❤️ story and eagerly waiting to see coming chapters and fantastic 
          I want boss vs pa manik as boss and is character is rude , arrogant simply we can tell monster ........ And Nandini as pa  and she is orphan and manik hate their parents and they care about only their second son harshad they didn't care about manik like that and fab 5 dhurulya  in realationship and cavya , mukbhi also they always take care of manik like this ☺️
          It's my request 
          Yours sissyyy


@subhadarluu I have already read this's good


@Amigacharles tdy I was scrolling I got the story like this but not same .... But I thought to share this 
            Story name is Manan - love 
            By @Nellutla abhaya