I’m not very active on wattpad currently and don’t have time to monitor all the comments on my stories, however it’s recently come to my attention that there’s been some bullying and harassment occurring on a couple of my fics. If you happen to notice this, please feel free to dm me about it on twitter or Instagram (my handle is senlinyuwrites) with the username and a screenshot of the paragraph where it’s happening so that I can take care of it. Thank you! 


@SenLinYu hiiii! Love all your books, you're amazing! 


Hello! Hope you’ve been doing okay!


Just read manacles. And honestly, I think it’s one of the best stories I have read in years. I couldn’t put it down. You keep up the suspense right until the end, your plot and wordplay is incredible and just, wow, I am in awe. I loved it! I am praying you keep on writing and get acclaims (and money for it) now and on the future, because you absolutely deserve it!! Rose xx


          um i was wondering what happened to „the banality of love“ i know its been unfinished for a long time now, i just can’t seem to get it out of my mind
          Im really eager to find out what was supposed to occur in the next chapters but im guessing we wont get a full on finished story so i was wondering whether you have a short summary somewhere on the missing chapters of your early work? I just want to know narrowly how the story unfolds because i really really loved it so far:)


Are you going to post manacled on wattpad? I can’t find it on any other websites and sadly not on wattpad either so I’m presuming you haven’t posted it here so I’m wondering if you will


its in my reading list xx


@marshopetk Just google: ao3 manacled :)


@ Ifeelsane  can you send it to me too please?


Manacled is different from other books because all the characters feel like REAL people who went through all this and suffered both the war and trauma.
          And all the feelings are so true that they make my heart shatter to pieces.
          I think I’ll never recover from this book everrr. 
          @SenLinYu thank u ♥️


i started reading manacled bc dracotok recommended it and i swear i immediately thought of the similarities it had to All You Want,, AND THEN I DISCOVERED THAT IT WAS WRITTEN BY THE SAME AUTHOR AND I WAS SO HAPPY FOR SOME REASON