Chapter 10 to 'Falling For An Anarchist' is out now. Please check it out (If you want to) Hope you enjoy it and thank you ♡♡♡


hihi !! this is just a message for
          all of my followers to say that i
          love all of u sm and that i am 
          always here for if you need it ! 
          my pms are always open and
          i really appreciate y’all more 
          than you could ever know ♥️
          ~ shelly xx


Hey!! Did you have an INCREDIBLE childhood, where you were able to watch DISNEY (like everyday or once every blue moon)?!? If you were glued to the TV, then check out my book 'Adulting with Disney'. It's spectacular for reminiscing about the good ol' glory days. Or an opportunity to see what you missed out on!!! Be sure to vote and comment your thoughts ❤️❤️


@Nishsai_V It sounds amazing! I'll be happy to check it out :)