My mother and I, along with my Dad had a serious discussion about my future and I decided to pull a line from Scary Movie, I'mma just dramatize the conversation a bit but still happen and I did pull the line from the movie....
          	My Mother : Son, I am worried, all you do is work at a low paying job, you should think about your future, your dream.
          	Le idiot me: Ma, I do have a dream.
          	My Mother : Really, come to think of it, I never knew what's your dream.
          	Le idiot me: You and pa never ask.
          	My Mother : Don't be a smartass on me, son, now what is your dream?
          	Le idiot me : You sure wanna know?
          	My Mother : Yes, as a mother I need to know and I will cheer and help you on to achieve it.
          	Le idiot me : My dream, is very simple ma, really....
          	My Mother : Go on, what is your dream?
          	Le idiot me : To have a dream!
          	Guess who got hit in the head and got grounded.


@Shin_Kuro I never got grounded cuz of not knowing what i want to be in the future


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@Shin_Kuro if I pulled the shit, I probs won't exist no-more.


@Shin_Kuro bro are you still alive?