Hey. My name is Jonathan James Noelle Flores Crawford. Half american and One fourth Brazilian, One eight Australian and Samoan. 

Brown messy hair with a hint of faded blue hair spray, Green eyes that creepily changes to Gray, dimples and pale white skin that would make you think that I am a drained thirsty vampire burning under the glare of the sun.

I'm 19 years old and I have a twin brother named Bryan Henry Flores Crawford @NameIsHiccup

I'm homeschooled since my brother unfortunately has a rare case of scopophobia and we having the almost exact same feature didn't help.

Scopophobia is a case where a individual is experiencing a fear of being seen, that is usually caused by a certain traumatic experience in the past. As of now, we still don't know the reason or the source of his lack of self-confidence since my brother ADORES keeping things private and unknown..

While I have my dimples, Bryan has his Chin cleft. While my voice is quite husky, Bryan's was raspy and deep. And that is almost the only differnce between us beside our personality.

Oh and before you even ask this most cliché question... No, we cannot read each others mind nor do we feel the pain inflicted to the other. We do have this special language that only the both of us know.

Originally from New York but currently staying in Singapore.
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