Hello everyone. Just letting you know that all the Mine series books are once again up for sale on Amazon. I have also added book 2 in the Animal series called Primal.  Here is the link where you will find what books are currently on sale.
          	Like always, for my Wattpad fans, I always offer free books and all I ask is that you leave a review on Amazon.
          	Much love,


So sorry for the infringe on your profile it's said that A picture is worth a thousand words, but I saw yours it was more than a words could explain, the charming profile is irresistible, though a little personal message but your look tells a lot about a nice person, so I have to drop a message for the charming person with this great profile, just want to know you more better and be a friend or more. Hope to hear from you sometime.


I read your books a long time ago, it’s still one of my favorite and honestly it’s sad to see how it not even up for free anymore. But what make me sadder is that I would love to buy the sports men series yet on amazing I can’t. 


Did you have your web or any other websites off?  Cause i can't find any of your book online... Secrets or de codey serie..mine.. i really love how you write... Make me think of me when i was young.. 
          Any clue how i can get those?