Wear that fake smile again,

Just pretend.

Put on that mask,

Don't make them ask.

Just fake it,

Even if you can't take it.

- "Scarlet"

To whoever is wondering, my name is not Scarlet, but I'm not disclosing my real name, so you can just call me Scarlet. I do have another account that has my real name on it, but I want to start fresh and be myself without having to worry about judgement, so you can just call me Scarlet. I will be giving slight hints as to what my other account is along the way, but they'll be some pretty subtle hints that will be hard to catch.

If you would like to help me work on some upcoming stories, just message me your email. I'll add your email to the allow list of my Google Doc, and then we can go from there.

Have a great day!!
  • The Desolate Place, "The Strand"
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