Stop Summerberry 
(Worst story on Wattpad) XD

"I'm smexy with my eyebrows on fleek"

-Smiley_fuzzypants, 2015

"She's an airhead"

- Said my older sister
(her username is @Carlinna, follow her)

"I like my coffee black like my men" ( Just kidding )

-Smiley_fuzzypants, 2015


I don't like ranting if the rant has no point whatsoever. I don't care how bad your book is I'll still read. I'm not that person that will say "You're supposed to say you're not your." So be comfortable around me and I'll read your book if you want me too.

"The less reads you have, the better the book is. Because that means in a year you'll be that book that will become published and made into a movie, while those other books will be buried in the dust."

- Smiley_fuzzypants

Hey gentle ladies and gentle man this is your favorite person Smiley_fuzzypants here with the latest stuff I read and I hope u read too.
*does a cute anime pose*

P.s I read and write books

If you have suggestions please tell me about them below in the message section.

I L I V E I N T H E U N I T E D S T A T E S !!!
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