UPDATE : June 8, 2022

First off, THANK YOU to everyone who has read our stories and liked and/or commented. Your support means so much and we LOVED all your comments! We will miss the humor and insight of our readers on Wattpad.

After much consideration, we have decided to remove our content from this platform. Wattpad is not supportive of us, as writers, and we have had instances of them taking down our stories for bogus complaints of copyright infringement. The last time this happened we fought it and the claim was dropped and our stories were reinstated and our account was restored.
Yesterday, Wattpad removed our most popular story, Master Mine : A Lesson in Submission, without any explanation as to why. We only discovered it had been taken down because a reader messaged us. We asked Wattpad Help why and they sent a generic response listing all the various reasons stories are taken down without any specific reason for our story. We are just over it. You can find our stories on Archive of Our Own and on FanFiction.

FanFiction : SnowblindLissaDream
Archive of Our Own : (our co-written stories will show under either profile)

All our love,
Lissa & Snow
The Affair - COMPLETED!
...After Happily Ever After - COMPLETED!
A World Not Fit to Live In - COMPLETED!
Bless the Broken Road - in progress
Master Mine Book 1: A Lesson in Submission - COMPLETED!
Master Mine Book 2: A Lesson in Love - Completed
Master Mine Book 3: A Lesson in Forever (not written)
Runaway- in progress but taking back seat to MM and BtBR

We will NOT abandon stories. We just can't always write as much as we'd like to! Thanks for your patience!

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