did you know that  Spider webs were used as bandages in ancient times
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Do you have a publishing schedule for chapters of dangerously beautiful scars?


Okay thanks I love the stories btw


@meeeeeeet1234 yes
            I will be updating the book every Sunday starting next sunday



A daughter, A sister , A girl is an Angel. 
          " An Angel is Heart of the Family " 
          This story Revolves Around a little girl who is light and Shine of the family. 
          They are not the king and prince but they treat her like a Princess. 
          Let's join the journey of the little Girl and face her happiness and her problems together ❤
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          I hope you like my new story
          Try it once and let me know the reviews..... 
          ~ Regards 
          Yati Writes



Hey! Just asking if I could have the age of the cast in blood butterfly. just the brothers as I’m not sure if it has been classified or not and if it has I can’t seem to find it, even if it’s just a rough age it would be appreciated. I’m 7 chapters in and I just keep wondering there ages every time their names are mentioned.