For those that remember, I opened The Paper Planes Awards, a contest for hidden gems for all genres. Now four years later I have returned opening the contest again! Make sure to enter in quick as spots are sure to run out!!


So here I am again, seven months by and it feels weird being back online again - a good weird. Honestly, the reason why I think it has taken me this long to finally come out of my hiding hole and resurface is that I've been scared. Coming back meant facing the fact that I failed you. 
          Last year, I wasn't in the best of places. I tried to get better, to put a true effort into my writing and to TPPA. I'm not going to make any excuses, I shouldn't have committed myself with something I couldn't handle. Last year, Wattpad became so stressful that I could no longer even open up Wattpad on my browser, and I had to make the hard decision to stop. Not just Wattpad. I stopped going on Facebook, Instagram, practically all social media. 
          I needed to take a breath. To remember why I love to write, to remember how to balance. It wasn't just the stress of judging for TPPA, but trying to juggle writing, and that's when I realised I was no longer doing it for me. I was doing it for everyone but me. 
          I have returned in hope that I can carry on as I was but in a slightly different light. TPPA has and always will be a promise made to every participant that their book will be read. To honour this I will be continuing on with critiquing everyone's work that has entered TPPA.
          However, my work will be taken away from the public eye. I feel as a writer I still have much to learn, and so I intend to keep my written work private until I've finished something hopefully worthy to you all. That means I'll be no longer continuing 2T1L and Delta, but when I'm ready they shall return. I don't think it's fair releasing something that's half-finished, so when I release something, it will have been finished. 
          I'm so sorry for my long absence, but this time I intend on staying active, and I hope I haven't let you all down. Thank you for those that understand, and I hope I can redeem myself. Wattpad is like family, and we don't leave family. 
          Baeli xx


@Spedzer Please don't worry, you don't need to apologise. Please take care of yourself and take your time, it's okay :)


@Spedzer+ your personal life  is most important. I have a similar issue dealing with life and not getting around to writing my story. But I don't have as many serious ones as you. I feel for you and hope it lightens up  for ya.


@Spedzer No need to apologize for taking care of yourself!! I totally get it :-) Welcome back!