New post on my writing account. 
          	What would happen if the characters from Signed, Karma could tweet their thoughts? 
          	Leave your predictions/thoughts regarding these sneak peeks. ❤️


                Just wanna say I love your book signed, karma. You're a really amazing writer. I don't know if you'll see this or if you're even still on this app. You might be pretty busy too.
          I just really really really want you to complete the book if you can. I'll be waiting patiently.
            Thanks and God bless❤️.


I love giving feedback, it's a super power 
          Sha I love the book, and I felt the need to point out somethings. First, how you displayed Grace's anxiety -atleast that's how I see her constant knuckle breaking. Perfect depiction!
          Then the dark thoughts... I can relate a lot, our mind can be a real bitch as I imagine Ene would love to say this, so she's one of my liked character as I have a admiration for hurting pple. 
          Your ability to also depict Ene's constant hitting of her best friend mwa. 
          Then... how the two are best friends but aren't really, but they keep the relationship that way cause it's been so for long.. thats how I see it sha. 
          (I have a lot to say )
          I love Jermy's character almost my fav. Cause he's mysterious but if I love anything more than mystery it's misunderstood characters and that to me is both Denola and Shalewa.
          I love your writing style, how realistic and relatable it is. 
          ❤❤ if you've ever doubted this story, your story I presume don't... its fantastic!